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Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, is the study of personality through handwriting. It is based on the belief that the way a person writes reveals their inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Graphologists look at a variety of factors in handwriting, including the size, slant, spacing, and other details to make inferences about the writer's personality.

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

What was the last time you wrote on a piece of paper? Even though technology is making handwriting a rare habit, our experience shows that interpretation of your handwriting reveals much more than you can imagine. This is why we utilize our skill to identify your written material and accelerate your growth by channeling your strenghts and energy in the right direction. 

Our handwriting is a representation of our thoughts and experience on paper. As a handwriting analyst, we request your handwriting to guide you towards your ideal path by identifying your strenghts, personality, and talking about your aspirations to build a strategy. Ask us any questions about handwriting analysis and how it works. Feel free to explore the Handwriting Analysis tab on top for more.

Want to get your handwriting analyzed?

Rules to submit your handwriting: Take an A4 sheet of paper, or a notebook and write about 15-20 lines about any spontaneous topic of your interest, or about your family, routine, or anything you like. Please do not copy text from any book, newspaper, or poem out of your memory. Write with a good quality pen and sit in a comfortable posture, preferably table and chair. At the end of your writing, we need 3 signatures for every sign you have. We do not look for grammar or spellings, so write freely. And then send us a picture of your writing!


“I am a Graphologist and have analyzed over 600 handwriting samples in the last 7 years. The majority of my clients were my classmates and they had really wonderful questions about their careers, goals, overcoming failures, and life in general. Moving out of Pune to Denver, Colorado in the USA I was blessed with some highly experienced, knowledgeable and extremely friendly people who I called mentors. And they truly helped me shape my ideas, articulate my emotions and showed me the right approach for life.
When this background and my personal hustle to dream big were combined, I found myself working on Wall Street, in New York City. I was able to achieve my dream within two years of coming to the USA. In this process I learned the art of networking, making a variety of resumes, giving tons of interviews, and having the right attitude. I came to know the importance of being immersed in a pool of pure knowledge, and most essentially – knowing my strengths.
With this personal story, I am highly driven to help my friends identify their strengths and bridge the gap between today and tomorrow for a victorious future.”

– Akshay Kanade, Founder

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