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Pradnya Tantra is a web-based career services platform. We know how stressful it can be for students to navigate their careers in the competitive world. And we understand the challenges faced by the students from all streams like Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) or 3-year undergraduate degrees like Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), or Bachelor of Arts (BA) to pursue a Master of Science (M.S.) or an MBA in foreign universities. We know what it takes to be an impactful candidate for these international universities.


Why Choose Pradnya Tantra?

We are passionate and super energetic in our approach as we work along side you at every level and provide personalized attention - which is a rare commodity these days. We have a plethora of experience to guide you on the right approach, save your time running in all directions and avoid pitfalls. We grasp what a confident profile looks like and mentor you for your dream university while keeping your financial budgets in check.

We love to get to know all students who feel stuck or lost in confusion, so please reach out!


Our Founder, Akshay Kanade (B.Com, M.S. Business Analytics, PMP) has been a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) graduate just like all the students in these streams. However, he paved his own path for success from a 3-year degree to an M.S. in USA. Currently, he works a block down Wall Street in New York City as a business analyst with a financial services firm. During his journey from Pune, India to New York, USA he met with several influencers, mentors, millionaires, professors, and virtually people from all walks of life. With this experience, he could correlate the dearth of such valuable resources which should be made available to the students in India. Through Pradnya Tantra he aims to pass his knowledge and life lessons to the youth and corporates alike.

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